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Its g Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ood because most people today grabbed video footage associated with Jason Mayden previewing shoes. Wherever you happen to be overing the world, a person trust gem consumers depleting this iconic manufacturing. On guillotine legal court, prejudice Jordan shoes offers the importance of exemplifying a large fashion standing. And most people like buying those sneakers from our Kobe And KD Shoes website. Penny Hardaway Basketball Shoes Are Popular" /〉 I like this news,and it's from[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] London Olympics have ended, Olympic marketing boom, dropped more than half of children, domestic brand shoe was returned to its original state: originally thought dilemma faced in the Olympics He turned the co cheap jordans online rner, and a great fishing, but do not want to actually pass the crisis commitment is not so simple. Better than the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games China's domestic brand shoe can be described as fruitful, the rise after the Olympics Fengeng value created ever unattainable. 2012 London Olympic Games although the domestic brands fight, from the "champion Dragon suit" to "red phosphorus" combat gear, to "live out your great", ready for four years, sixteen days after the answer is: a lot of shoe " money earned crying. " The difference is that Adidas wants to save money to make a big yell. heaven and earth "Olympic limelight" With the London Olympics approaching Omi, Chinese impression in addition to Liu Xiang, the Olympic preparation cheap jordan shoes for men controversial fall, it becomes more regret and do not care about track and field stadium. So for a strong difference of China, London lopsided. Adidas suddenly jumped out of the last Olympic Games in China set off a firestorm. Nike and Adidas seem to be born a pair of lovers, there are always some thing they are able to pull together. Initially, when China's sponsors are busy to lindane, Liu Xiang, and other big names child star bet busy to wear Nike Nike cottage Egyptian team packing slip busy hero Liu Xiang to do public relations crisis has become the focus of global attention, brand value suddenly become the hot words chart of Olympic boss. Similarly, in the end, Adidas announced the closure of the only one affiliated facto Retro jordans for sale ry in Suzhou in China in August, and signed with the 10 foundries in China cooperation to terminate the contract. This not only touched the IMC nerves, but touched a nerve foundries in China and more than 30 million, more than 300 foundry workers nerves, it is indeed affect the whole body thing. What plant closings mean? What does it mean to terminate the contract? In the eyes of Chinese people, the people's livelihood is the biggest thing, the contract means that over 30 million people to be temporarily or permanently unemployed, economic source of tens of thousands of families to be broken, eat, work, innovation, transformation & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; the problem is not a problem, which is Adida cheap jordans for sale mens s "credit." puzzling is that, so far no official response: Adidas Why did you choose at the time of the Olympic Games closing Suzhou plant, and the termination of cooperation with foundries in China in 2008, 2009, even in? Last year, Adidas also released information official said that cooperation with foundries in China will continue until 2015. Economist Tang Xiao analysis, foundry workers in Southeast Asia types of proficiency, familiarity with the industry chain is short board, the industry chain is also the presence of imperfections, it also increases the risk of Foundry. May be even so, Adi also willing to lay down such cooperation more than a decade of patrons in just one month abrupt end, but also the outside world all the cheap foamposites suspicion and analyze the sudden termination of the contract led to the paradoxical about "Adidas" news Click the chart became a boss. More unquestionable Adidas has plans to open stores in China, sales in Greater China also reached a new breakthrough. Is "ulterior motives" it or "gander"? Is also just a indistinct, foggy topic. One is timely revealing sincere, one is the focus of much debate, they want to walk in the world of high-end sports brand footwear. Adi sword pay or burned Despite the moral and condemnation from a marketing point of view alone, Nike and Adidas behavior will be the most wonderful and the most amazing marketing. In addition to the field of Olympic marketing, perhaps it can be to understand the behavio Cheap air jordans for sale r of the immediate Adidas closed factories in China and foundries. The same investment Olympics, Nike Egyptian delegation in the Olympic and Liu Xiang thing pocketed the limelight, and a third time to the Olympics, Adidas and other sponsors or extraordinary, as the provider, becoming big media on "shoe Olympic Fengeng 'material while Renzai should not have failed to accept failure should be. According to statistics, last year, Adidas and Nike have been in competition in the global sporting goods industry leader, but Nike is still certain to win. As a struggle for so many years of sports brand, Adidas will be willing to quietly accept such an unfair result of rival it? Especially the Olympics every four years. Although the low labor costs in Southeast Asia, but the whole industry chain, revenue mature mechanic and huge market will also bring Is less than the reduction of the cost of it? Have to say Adidas is great risk reluctantly ended up with in China cooperation foundries, termination of the cooperation with a rising great power. When the Chinese take-off is becoming universally recognized fact, when the Olympic cry gradually dilute the sound, when Nike's "emotional marketing" pocketed brand value, Adidas made this surprise move. Closed factories in China directly under the lifting collaboration with foundries, is saving a lot of cost, Adidas was successful, at least in the last minute Olympic pocketed the eye, puzzled even be possible there are numerous unknown risks future litigation concerns. But in fact they did not give the real reason for the sudden decision, but the outside world constantly sensible to analyze the reasons, but with the "Chinese labor costs" to cover up all the contradictions. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Air Jordan 1 Hi Retro Black Royal blue color again real exposure 2013-12-08 22:28:48 shortly before the next year will be the first year of engraved Black Royal blue color Air Jordan 1 new spy spy has been exposed, now the engraved samples exposed again early next year engraved debut again pre heat. The tongue and embroidered logo on the outer end and back to the "Nike Air" logo, and the whole pair of shoes without Jumpman logo, at the same time, nylon material is completely copied from the first year of the tongue, so I want to finish this classic, Air Jordan 1 Hi Retro is definitely a good choice. It will be listed again next spring.Reebok the past two years in the joint cooperation way has been a huge success, the day before the brand again, "old friends" Garbstore for the upcoming summer launched a new joint shoe designers choose to Ventilator modeled respectively, we create two different colors, a pair of grey and elegant purple color, while another is the overall gray rendering, both dynamic and low-key, but the type of shoes retro temperament has to be strong to pursuit of the trend of people, the shoes will appear on sale recently.